robyn discothistle

Hello! This is where you learn about the human that is Robyn Discothistle. I am a maker, an islander, an organic gardener, a forest enthusiast, an ocean lover, chicken farmer & adventurist.
These passions inform another: printmaking. I've been carving lino (linoleum) for a few years now, and done a some screenprinting exploration as well.
What is it about printmaking that sparks joy? The bold lines, the blocks of colour, the analog nature, and the challenge of thinking in reverse. Plus, a significant attribute of printmaking is the ability to make multiples — I love this. A block print I made a few years ago states the truth: Everything is Propaganda. As such, making prints amplifies the propaganda... errr, message. Just another reason to love printmaking!

Everything Is Propaganda two colour lino print